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1. Genesis Category Deep Dive

Deep Dive is a deconstruction of brand and competitor's communications into individual design and communication assets. It builds a detailed model of how category and brand assets work to create the System 1 short-cut language that influences your shoppers’ journey to decision making. Typically assets are taken from branding, packaging, and integrated media. They are mainly visual but can include other sensory elements such as sound and music. This detailed audit helps you to identify opportunities to change, update or introduce new key assets to improve your brand's influence on the shoppers' journey to the moment of purchase. The model also provides the stimuli used in Genesis™ Brand Language Workshops with your brand's consumer and shopper typologies.

2. Genesis Brand Language Decoder Workshop

Identified typologies of respondents are taken through a series of proprietary system 1 and system 2 exercises to identify and measure the comparative effectiveness of those assets identified in the Genesis™ Deep Dive Model as triggering recognition and mental availability. The workshop processes hundreds of current and new visual and non-visual design and communication assets, identifying and measuring the comparative strengths and weaknesses of key brand assets against category competitors. 

3. Planning & Creative Development

The Genesis™ Brand Language Decoder Workshop debrief specifies the System 1 and System 2 opportunities for improving recognition, recall and relevance and forms the underpinning for new or refined strategic and creative direction. We work with your creative agencies or introduce you to our creative associates to develop a new creative and communication strategy. Subsequent design and communication concepts are created for effective testing by quantitative on-line IRT research.

4. Split Second IRT Research

New communication and design concepts are tested using Implicit Reaction Time (IRT) research - objective, fast and cost-effective on-line research which captures immediate and intuitive system 1 responses to brands, campaigns, new product concepts, packaging designs and a vast array of other marketing related outputs across multiple markets . Free from the biases of conscious response, the IRT platform offers marketers a chance to study consumers at a deep, emotional level and predict their behaviour more accurately.

5. Genesis Activation Toolkit

Our Brand Activation process ensures you develop toolkits and training programmes to drive improved return on marketing investment. We are happy to work directly with your communication agencies, increasing their skills in managing and deploying your brand’s short-cut language. Our activation toolkit empowers creativity that conventional brand guidelines often restrict.  It shows planners and creatives the vast array of creative opportunities for asset design to trigger recognition, recall, & relevance, and improve the connection between the brand and their shoppers. 


For any more details on what we do or if you simply want a chat about the opportunities for leveraging your brand assets give us a call on +44 (0) 3302 230 543 or email rob.barker@waltonbarker.com